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White Dove Release At Your Wedding

White Birds Express brings unforgettable elegance, grace and sophistication to any environment. At the perfect moment, you can release White Doves (Pure White Homing Pigeons) at your wedding, a memorial, funeral burial site, or another emotional occasion. The sight of such sincere beauty captures the moment, leaving all to remember the glorious event.

Since 1995, White Birds Express has succeeded in satisfying a large variety of customers including bridal coordinators, cemetery directors, funeral directors, and many happy newlyweds.

White Birds Express covers all of Chicago, Illinois and Southern Wisconsin – a convenient 100-mile radius with no traveling charge.

For more information about the unique dove release service we provide, call us today at (815) 648-2397.

White Birds Express provides dove releases for weddings, memorials, funeral burial site, grand openings and other special events.

Serving: Chicago, IL Area & Southern Wisconsin *licensed

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Chicago, IL Area (815) 648-2397    *licensed
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White Birds Express specializes in white dove releases. They provide doves for various occasions, such as weddings, memorial services, funerals, and more. They conduct their business in Chicago Illinois and Southern Wisconsin. They are willing to travel within 100 miles without a traveling charge.